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Vera Violent are here -

Vera Violent play compelling original music influenced by all that is good in rock'n'roll since rock’s inception.   It's all energy, tunes and interesting structures here - in the same space as the Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and David Bowie.  If you like your music fast and exciting with a personal and political edge, and you want a heady mix of power and joy, then Vera Violent are for you.

Jason Geraghty is Vera’s drummer: precise and sensitive and a great match to Paula Hannon’s rumbling melodic bassist - David O'Sullivan plays fast, angular and tuneful guitar and sings in a melodic baritone.    David O'Sullivan, the band's founder is from Waterford where the band started.   Jason and Paula are from Tubbercurry in Co. Sligo.


Vera Violent has played on the main stage at the Sligo Live and at the Sligo Summer Festival and at many local pub and club venues around the Northwest of Ireland.


The band have a large back-catalogue of recorded original songs some of which can be found on their online release "For Those Outside".    This year, 2020, will see the release of a new album called "Superstar".   Advance versions of the songs for the album can be found on the Vera Violent YouTube channel.